2014 SF State Distance Carnival

2014 San Francisco State Distance Carnival
Updated 4/4/14

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San Francisco State University

Cox Stadium

Friday, April 4th, 2014
Saturday, April 5th, 2014

Tom Lyons, Head Coach Cross Country and Track & Field 
Contact : tomlyons@sfsu.edu


Final Results (PDF)

Final Results (HTML)


The San Francisco State Distance Carnival has evolved into a great option for distance runners to set fast times at a fantastic venue with ideal weather conditions and loaded fields. We have athletes and teams from around the country who have become part of this growing meet since 2008. We expect even bigger fields this year with the expanded format, but please keep in mind that we intend to have the meet end by 5 p.m. each day. We plan to start no earlier than 8 a.m.; therefore we'll work to fit as much great racing in that window as possible. Event times will be posted when entries and the number of heats are finalized.

Our meet is held on the same two days as the highly competitive Stanford Invitational. For coaches who have distance runners in both meets on Friday, we will keep our daytime hours while Stanford runs their fast heats at night just down Interstate 280.
We have expanded the meet this year to include a full slate of events. Friday will consist of the jumps and distance races. Saturday will have the throws, sprints, hurdles, and relays with two additional distance races (1mi, 2mi).

For Friday distance events, we have set time standards to insure that we will complete all events in the planned timeframe. If an athlete does not make a time standard, consider the 1mi or 2mi on Saturday.

Many field events interfere with each other based on the stadium layout. For all field events, we have limited the number of entries to be able to complete the events in our planned timeframe.
The Saturday track events will not have entry standards but we may limit entries in events based on our planned timeframe.
The Masters Mile Race is open to men and women who are 40 years old or older on the day of the race. Entries for this event only should be sent directly to tomlyons@sfsu.edu with name, age, and club affiliation. There is no entry fee for the Masters Mile, but as in past years, we will accept donations to the Mike Fanelli Scholarship Fund which supports the Track/XC programs at SF State.
Entries submitted are not guaranteed acceptance into the meet.


  • Coaches for 2-year and 4-year college teams as well as unattached athletes can pay the entry fee at the registration table next to the clerk check-in area on the west end of the facility.
  • Teams and unattached athletes will receive a personalized participant bib for this meet after payment is received. This bib is required when checking in at the event (field) and checking in at the clerk for hip numbers (track). All athletes must have the bib with their name on it to check in and compete. Track athletes must wear their bibs and hip numbers in the track events. Field even athletes only wear bibs, no hip numbers.
Throwing implements will be inspected for weights and measures in the building near the check-in area beginning Saturday at 8:00am. All implements must be approved at least 30 minutes before the competition begins for that event.

There is plenty of space for team tents, but we’d prefer that they be set up at the top of the stands so that they do not block the view of spectators. No team tents in front of the press box or near the finish line. Please stay clear of grass at the finish line area at all times. On Friday, the grass field will be open but be aware of the field events on the east and west sides of the field (jumps). However on Saturday, we would like to keep the field clear while the throwing events are taking place.

We will have trainers on site near the check-in area.

We will have snacks, drinks, and a limited number of t-shirts for sale near the check-in area. Former SF State XC athlete, Tyler Deniston, created the Carnival design.

  • In the throws and horizontal jumps all competitors will be given four attempts. There will be no finals.
  • Field event athletes must check in at the event. Please check in 30 minutes prior to the start time listed or immediately upon completion of the previous event in the rolling schedule.
  • Track events will be timed finals with heats seeded by entry marks submitted. Fastest heats will run first.
  • Track event athletes will need to get hip numbers from the clerk 30 minutes before their event.
  • We may have chip timing in the 10K. Please arrive at the start line with time to put the chips on your shoes. These will be distributed/collected at the start/finish line.
  • Friday track events begin at 8:30AM
  • Friday field events begin at 9:30AM
  • Saturday track events begin at 11:30AM
  • Saturday field events begin at 10:00AM

FRIDAY TRACK (# of heats):
8:30 AM        W 10000m (1)
9:10 AM        M 10000m (2)
10:25 AM      W 1500m (8)
11:20 AM      M 1500m (6)
11:55 PM      W 3000m Steeplechase (2)
12:30 PM      M 3000m Steeplechase (2)
1:00 PM         W 800m (7)
1:25 PM         M 800m (10)
2:05 PM         W 5000m (4)
3:25 PM         M 5000m (5)

FRIDAY FIELD (# of flights):
We will follow a rolling schedule as noted below:
9:30 AM        Women’s Pole Vault (1)
                        Men’s Pole Vault (1)
9:30 AM        Women’s High Jump (1)
                        Men’s High Jump (1)
                        Women’s Triple Jump (1) & Men’s Triple Jump (1)
                        Women’s Long Jump (2) & Men’s Long Jump (2)
  • Women’s Pole Vault opening height is 2.97m increasing by 0.15m.
  • Men’s Pole Vault opening height is 4.01m increasing by 0.15m.
  • Women’s HJ opening height is 1.43m increasing by 0.05m until 1.68m when it will go up by 0.03m.
  • Men’s HJ opening height is 1.79m increasing by 0.05m until 2.04 when it will go up by 0.03m.
  • Both Triple Jump events will go at the same time after the conclusion of the Men’s High Jump.
  • Men’s Long Jump will follow Men’s Triple Jump.
  • Women’s Long Jump will follow Women’s Triple Jump.
SATURDAY TRACK (# of heats):  
11:30 AM      Coed Master’s 40+ 1mi (1)
11:40 AM      W 4x100m (2)
11:50 AM      M 4x100m (2)
11:55 AM      W 1mi (2)
12:10 PM      M 1mi (2)
12:25 PM      W 100mH (3)
12:45 PM      M 110mH (3)
1:00 PM         W 400m (6)
1:20 PM         M 400m (8)
1:55 PM         W 100m (7)
2:20 PM         M 100m (4)
2:40 PM         W 400mH (2)
2:50 PM         M 400mH (3)
3:05 PM         W 200m (9)
3:40 PM         M 200m (6)
4:05 PM         W 2mi (1)
4:25 PM         M 2mi (1)
4:40 PM         W 4x400m (2)
4:45 PM         M 4x400m (2)

SATURDAY FIELD (# of flights):
We will follow a rolling schedule as noted below:
10:00 AM      Women’s Javelin (1)
                        Men’s Javelin (1)
                        Men’s Discus (1)
                        Women’s Discus (1)
10:00 AM      Women’s Shot Put (2)
                        Men’s Shot Put (2)
  • We expect the Men’s Shot Put to begin before the Men’s Discus has completed. We have placed men in the first flight of the Shot Put who are not competing in the Discus to account for this overlap.
  • Women’s Discus will begin after both Men’s Discus and Women’s Shot Put have completed.


All entries must be submitted through the DirectAthletics web site at 
Note – Masters Mile entries should be sent directly to tomlyons@sfsu.edu with name, age, and club affiliation.

$15/entrant competing unattached.
$25/entrant competing for a collegiate (2-yr and 4-yr) team.
For teams, the entry fee is capped at $300 per gender (unlimited entries).
Entry fee must be paid on the day of the meet. 
Please make checks payable to “San Francisco State.”
Note - There is no entry fee for the Masters Mile, but as in past years, we will accept donations to the Mike Fanelli Scholarship Fund which supports the Track/XC programs at SF State.

Entries must be received by 10:00 p.m. on Monday, March 31st. Please finalize entry status by the deadline on DirectAthletics. Entries will be listed on SF State’s official athletics web site (www.sfstategators.com) by Tuesday, April 1st.